Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A little "Libby love"

Alright, here are some of Libby's most recent funnies:

1. In response to my attempt at making a joke, "Mommy, that's not funny, and I know funny!"

2. While sobbing at home, "Mommy, I don't think Daddy really speaks my language!"

3. While at the doctor for her three year old checkup, she refused to take off her clothes, like the nurse asked. I told her she had to take off her clothes so her doctor could examine her and she replied, "Mommy, you told me not to ever let anyone see me naked!" Why in the world, did she finally decide to start listening to me??

Every day she amazes me. She has so much spunk and personality for a three year old!

I need to vent a bit....I'm so frustrated with what's going on in my journey to become a mother again. It seems that even after all of these months of waiting, we are being delayed, yet again. Why is my chemistry so frustrating and non compliant? I am just tired of waiting. It's getting harder to remain patient. So, even after an ultrasound last week, and bloodwork, I have to return again next week for another ultrasound and bloodwork. We haven't even begun medications yet! Why am I so impatient? Why is this so frustrating? The waiting is agonizing as I watch the months tick by.

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