Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Warning * have been warned!*

So, Brad and I returned from Florida with happy hearts and hopes to eagerly pursue our next round of IUI. I even called and ordered the meds, everything was we waited. And waited. And waited. My cycle never started. Of course I took numerous pregnancy tests, all negative, of course. I called the clinic and the brought me in for bloodwork. Another week passed, no cycle. So, the clinic called me in for ANOTHER utlrasound. Much to my surprise (and theirs) there was a large 18 mm cyst on my ovary. We drew bloodwork and unbelievably, the "cyst" was actually a functional follicle producing estrogen and ready to ovulate! Amazing! So, I returned yesterday and had another ultrasound, which showed my nice, fat swollen ovary had enlarged and the "little" cyst is now a whopping 21mm ready to pop! Very exciting to see on sono. So, my bloodwork was again drawn and I was sent home to "try on my own" very romantic! I will return again on Friday for a confirmation of ovulation and a progesterone check. Then, I wait another two weeks, and wait. So, do I allow myself to get excited? I will remain cautiously optimistic for the time being. Although, there is something so strange about hearing your doctor tell you "good luck" in reference to the very intimate parts of your marriage!

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