Tuesday, March 29, 2011

CD 6....first scan

So, basically there is nothing too terribly exciting going on with my ovaries. The story of my life.... ;) I am waiting to hear from the RE office to see if he has adjusted my follistim at all. The past couple of tries, we usually stayed on the Follistim 100 units for a few days, and then gradually decreased to 75 units. I have to admit that I am feeling pretty bloated and grumpy. It's either the hormones, fatigue or allergies...or maybe a combination! We have revival at church this week, which is great, however, it means I get little time at home. I am tired and already ready for the weekend! My housework is piling up and so is the laundry. Since I am stimming with meds now, I am going every other day for labwork and scans about 45 minutes away, and I am not getting home until 9 pm. I have no time to exercise, and no time to cuddle with my little princess. Maybe that's why I am so grumpy and tired! :)

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