Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A new's about time!

I cannot believe it's been so long since I last posted! So much has happened in my life...I am so excited about what's going on in my life, I may actually burst! Of course, I have AMAZINGLY funny Libby stories to share...after all, that's why I began this blog to begin with. My little Libby is so full of life and fun, I have to share it with the world! So, I promise myself and Libby that I will do better! I also owe it to Miss Andersen Kate (AK) to blog about her. I cherish this time with my sweet little girls, it's already going by so quickly...I wish I could freeze time for just a moment. Before I go any further, I must share about the amazing journey that the Pullen family has embarked upon... Brad and I were introduced to Advocare about a year ago. We were actually in the mountains on our annual "Pullen family Palooza". Greg and Angela (my brother and sister in law) were doing this "24 day challenge thing". I had just completed our IVF cycle (and was unknowingly pregnant with Miss AK), so of course I was emotional, hormonal and cranky. I brushed it off as "another diet/scam". Fast forward to a year later, and Brad and I were re-introduced to the amazing world of Advocare when Greg and Angela joined us to celebrate AK's dedication. After a whirlwind weekend and some inspiring words from fellow Advo-buddy, Casey, Brad and I signed up without even trying products! So, here I am three months into my Advocare Journey. I would love to share more details, but then I would be missing out on sharing with my friends and family in person. Needless to say, Brad and I have discovered something AMAZING and are so incredibly passionate about sharing this journey with everyone we know! So, suffice to say...big things are on the horizon. Big things! Think Brad coming home full time to off Vanderbilt...BIG THINGS! And of course, I will also throw in a Libby Story for fun. I was bringing AK into daycare and she was "passing gas". Libby heard the horrible noises coming from the baby and said (very loudly), "Andersen, NEVER trust a fart. 'Cuz, if you trust a fart, then you can poop in your pants a little and mommy will have to change you AGAIN!" Love her sooo much!