Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Round Two

It's been quite some time since I have attempted a blog. I must admit that I miss putting my feelings into words. When I was trying to get pregnant with Libby and during my subsequent pregnancy, I found great comfort in writing down my thoughts, fears and dreams. One day, Libby will be able to read that blog (if she so desires) and understand how much she was wanted and loved. I want her to know how I longed for a baby, and how she was prayed for years before she was here. It was also very therapeutic to jot down my discouragement and pain as I experienced the infertility journey to motherhood.

Now that Miss Libby is here, she makes her presence very well known. She is the absolute love of my life and the most amazing gift God could have ever bestowed upon the Pullen family. She fills my life with some much joy and laughter. I would like to use this forum as a place to share her with the world. I also want to make sure that I keep track of all of the funny things that happen day to day while raising such a strong-willed child. She is two and a half, so the fun has only begun!!

Tuesday night, Brad and I were having dinner with Miss Libby. She was eating a cup of pudding and chatting with us about her "very busy day". I asked her if she had been a good girl. She put a spoonful of pudding in her mouth and replied, "No ma'am, I got put on the wall today"....she hung her head in shame. Brad and I were in shock. She NEVER gets in trouble at school. "Libby," I replied, "what did you do to get into trouble?" "I hit my friends. Brody, maybe even Efan (Ethan)." Brad and I were very stern and upset, Brad said, "Libby, we don't hit our friends, did he hit you back?" Her response was, " well, Brody hit me first, so then I hit him back"....

So Brad and I proceeded to explain to her that we don't hit friends, and we were very disappointed in her behavior, etc...she promised us that she wouldn't do it again and that she would be a good girl the next day.

When I brought her to school the next morning, I asked her teacher what had happened at the playground. Miss Charity laughed and said, "Libby, you know good and well you didn't get in trouble yesterday." She then told me that sometimes Libby will stay on the wall if some of her friends get into trouble and she wants to stay with them. She continued to tell me that in fact, Libby does NOT hit her friends and is a very good girl at school.

This greatly relieved me that my child is not going to be a bully. However, this brings up a whole new problem...Libby has learned to lie. And she's pretty good at it!

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