Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Full of Thanks...

So, here on this eve of Thanksgiving, I am reminded of the things that I am truly thankful for. I remember the holidays early in my marriage. Brad always worked in retail, so we were stuck in Nashville the first two years, unable to travel because of his work schedule. Those were tough years, lonely, sad, not the holidays I was used too. Now, here I am six years into my marriage and things are so much different. All because of a little princess with big brown eyes.

There is something so magical about the holidays when you are surrounded by children. Even if they aren't your own, nieces and nephews and cousins are wonderful! Children are just so innocent and precious, and the holidays are so new and fun for them. Holidays are so much better when you are surrounded by them. Before Libby, I was blessed to have Brad's precious little nieces, and then later, we were blessed to have Bethany's little boy. Now, our family is growing and it's so exciting to see the "next generation" of our family scampering about, squealing, laughing and running around.

So, I am thankful that before I became a mommy, I got to be an aunt and a cousin to some remarkable little ones. Every year with Libby seems to make the holidays a little better and better. Every year we add new traditions.

I am also thankful for a patient husband. This hormonal roller coaster I am on has wrecked havoc on my emotional well being. Provera is the devil. It will be over soon. It's like ten days of horrible PMS followed by the period from...well, you get the idea.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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