Thursday, November 18, 2010

Some of my favorite Libbyisms...

Libby and I were at the pool this summer a LOT. One particular day, we were enjoying the sun in the shallow end. We were talking when she suddenly "passed gas"... she looked up at me to see what I would say. "Elizabeth Reece!" I cried," what are you supposed to say?" She looked up at me very sweetly and responded, " smell it?"

I was driving Libby home from school some time last year, and she was singing in the backseat. She was singing a new song..."It sucks to be me..." I was mortified and called Brad to inform him that our child was a cussing sailor. He laughed and told me that she had heard it on his morning radio show that day. He assured me he would talk to her about not using "potty words" that evening. Later that night (before her daddy-talk), she was sitting on the potty patiently waiting to "earn her piece of candy for going pee pee." She was having a very hard time actually going pee pee and was getting very frustrated. I told her that it would be okay to wait and try in the morning. She was determined to go and was very upset that she wasn't going to earn her candy. She sighed deeply, hung her head in her hands and sang,"It sucks to be me".....

Since I am a Women's Health NP, I am trying to teach Libby the anatomically appropriate words for her body parts, etc, this gets me into all types of trouble. Libby also has a bad habit of following me into the bathroom and watching my every move. One particular day, we were in Target shopping. I had to go to the bathroom, so of course she insisted on following me. While in the stall, I had to reach into my purse for my "supplies". Libby looked at me intently. She then spoke very loudly for the rest of the bathroom to hear, "Mommy, why you have to change your Coupon again?" I was so glad that my embarrassment was so hysterical for the other five women in the restroom that day.

Libby loves the Sesame Street songs that I have downloaded on my phone for her to listen to. She knew all the songs and liked to listen to them while I was driving. One night she was very frustrated because I wasn't playing the song she wanted to listen to. I was trying to figure out which song she wanted. She kept singing, " The Skateboard song mommy...the skateboard song!" Amanda and I both tried to figure out which song she wanted. Finally her little fingers pressed the right button. The song was, "We all sing with the same voice", but her sweet little voice began singing (what she thought it said) " we all be wiss a skate board, a skate board, a skate board"...Amanda and I were hysterical!

Don't worry, there are many more to come! My child is an endless source of amusement and joy!

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  1. She sings songs like I do!! If you aren't sure of the words -- Make some up!!! :) Too cute!