Monday, November 29, 2010

Post Holiday Bloating...

Well, here we are on Cyber Monday. This weekend passed way too quickly for me! I absolutely love Thanksgiving, the food, the fun, the family "quality time". I especially enjoyed all of the extra time with my little cuddle bug. She provided a weekend of adorable cuddling and fun, sprinkled with tantrums, outbursts of whining and wailing, and a few spankings to boot! Perhaps the highlight of the weekend was during a particular "trying" tantrum, Brad took over and decided to give her a very serious daddy-daughter talk. Libby was sobbing hysterically when she stopped long enough to say, "Daddy, could you slow down talking please!" I had to leave the room because I was laughing so hard.

We decided to brave the mall on Saturday and take Libby to meet Santa. In the past, Libby has screamed at every Santa picture opportunity. I was a bit nervous, since Brad wasn't with us. However, this particular Santa was very mild and pleasant and Libby was in a particularly pleasant mood. It worked to our advantage and we finally got a picture of Libby with Santa! Libby told Santa in a very small whisper that she would like a "Belle doll and a Cinderella carriage". Santa nodded and smiled and handed her the obligatory Christmas coloring book from his big red bag. As soon as we sat Libby back in the stroller, she burst into tears! "Santa forgot to give me my Belle doll!" So, crisis adverted, we explained the Santa rules about being good and waiting until Christmas Eve. Saturday night, she had an early Christmas with Brad's parents. She must have been a very good girl, because she got a new Belle doll with a special pink horse for Belle to ride. Libby was all smiles. She later told me, "Santa made the Belle dolls, Nana just had to pay him!"

So, despite my hormonal rages (almost done with the Provera) and Libby's tantrums, we survived the holiday. Now, if my bank account can only survive the next month, we will be in business!

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