Monday, November 22, 2010

My weekend of Libby

I love having Fridays off. Four day work weeks are tough, but the weekend is such a reward! Plus, I get invaluable Libby time during my three day weekends. Friday, I took Libby to Chickfila for an early lunch and playtime at the indoor playplace. I have learned something about Chickfila on Hwy 96. It is THE place for SAHM to gather with their children to play. Of course they all meet weekly, and therefore they all know each other and their little Playdates are a regular occurence. I have also learned that there exists this phenomenon of "Mommy-rivalry". I thought that after highschool, the "mean-girls" of society grew up and moved on with their lives. No such luck. Apparently, the "mean-girls" simply grew up, married well, and now meet weekly at Chickfila with their minivans, SUV's and precious little ones. Apparently, they still don't play well with others. They don't like outsiders and they don't welcome moms who are only able to come to "Mother's morning out" once a week. Libby and I played by ourselves and enjoyed a few precious moments of being together. We then went to pick out Aunt Amy's birthday present.

Libby was so excited to sit on the floor with me in the middle of The Lamb's well, picking out funky beads and colored stones to string together for Amy's bracelet. She giggled and wiggled and ran around trying to make the "most perfect" bauble bracelet she possibly could. I think we made a pretty good team. The bracelet turned out pretty well. Amy's birthday wasn't until Sunday, but apparently Libby couldn't contain her excitement for two more whole days. As soon as she saw Amy on Saturday she proudly exclaimed, "Aunt Mamie, we buyed you a bracelet yesterday!" Amy smiled and looked at me and said, "Oh, was that supposed to be a surprise for my birthday tomorrow?"  :)

After a weekend of Shopping, Christmas decorating and playing, Libby was tired by Sunday evening. Brad and I were getting ready for choir practice and she sat on our bed flipping through her photo album of baby pictures. I sat down next to her and said, "Libby, what are you doing?" She didn't look up from her pictures, but calmly replied, "Checkin out MY facebook." Priceless.

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