Wednesday, January 5, 2011


LONG weekend!

So, temporary changes at work have allowed me to stay home the past Monday and Tuesday. I have GREATLY enjoyed the time I got to spend with little Miss Pullen! She was a very good girl for me, and I definitely enjoyed all of the cuddling and play time.

On Monday, we went to mom's to help get organized and clean up Libby's playroom. She decided to help Nana organize her ribbons. I walked into the room to see Libby trying to persuade my pack rat mom to throw away scrap ribbon. She was saying very patiently, "Nana, let it's trash now." I thought mom was gonna die of laughter. Later that day, she decided it was her job to sweep the leaves off of the deck. My mom asked if a dollar would be a good payment. She thought a minute and said, "Nana, I am saving for a new baby doll outfit, I need about $8.20." What a little bargainer :)
That night, she burst into the bathroom and loudly exclaimed to me, "Mommy, daddy is embarrassing me!" I laughed and then thought maybe I should just record my response. I know I am going to repeat it over and over again for the next several years. :)
I have greatly enjoyed the past several days off with my little Princess. Time flies by so quickly when I am with her and so slowly when I am working. I am very thankful for my precious time to share with Miss Pullen. She's growing up so quickly, and I am loving every minute of it!

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