Thursday, January 13, 2011

My pity party...don't expect an EVITE!

So, I am allowing myself these next couple of days to pout, be depressed, mope and just be ill...I got into work yesterday and received some very devastating news....due to circumstances beyond our control, my company is having to downsize and subsequently cut my job. I have never in my life been terminated or "layed off" from a position. I have always gone because of a better job, better pay,, now to be facing the reality of unemployment, it's quite overwhelming! Now, I understand and agree with most of the verbage that is being thrown at me during this time...."It's closing a door, a new one will open"..."pull up your big girl panties and get over it!"..."it's gonna be okay"...blah, blah, blah. I will get over it, something will come along, and I will be okay. But, in the meantime, It SUCKS! It's unfair, it's wrong, it's painful. I would be a bit more understanding if this had occurred because of wrong doing on my behalf, or because of something that I had screwed up, but no. I am simply the victim of unfortunate circumstances beyond my control. This has been a really crappy 6 months for me. First, there was the ectopic pregnancy, shortly after that, my job position required some "creative maneuvering" to keep me employed, which caused me great stress, now I am without a job all together. Can't a girl catch a break???

Brad and I are going away for the weekend with a group of other couples from church. It's gonna be a nice, relaxing, fun weekend. But, then, I return to reality. I have 90 days to procure a position. Actually...89 days now...

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  1. I am totally signing myself up to come on this trip. If history repeasts itself, maybe we can be the two couples...Love you guys. Have SO much fun! You totally deserve it. Also,I can 100% relate the job situation - that is exactly what happened to Chad about 1 year ago - so if you need to vent, please call or text or just write me an email.