Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow days!

So, we actually just had a couple of snow days here in Middle Georgia. In Middle Georgia, any amount of "precipitation" warrants a "snow day", which means the whole city shuts down! This is great fun for parents of small children, because we are forced to stay inside with our wild little ones who are way off of their normal routines and schedules! Since Brad and I are going away this upcoming weekend for our annual "Young Family retreat", we were more than happy to spend some time with the Princess. We spent the time cuddled on the couch watching movies, playing with her dress up clothes, and even venturing outside to allow her to make "footprints" in the snow. I got a lot of good cuddling time in with my little gorgeous darling. It was amazing!

Also went for an ultrasound yesterday to check on my lovely little pearly "lady parts". Apparently, the Avandia has done them some good. Still not cooperating as far as ovulation goes, but the periphery looks much improved from the previous scans. I am optimistic that we will begin treatments again this Spring. Of course, this means Brad and I are going to seriously have to to save again. After Disneyworld, our accounts are gonna be kinda puny, and fertility treatments don't come cheap. We are hoping to at least be able to write off the money we have spent so far, on our 2010 taxes. I have estimated that between medications and the two IUI's, and the subsequent treatments for the ectopic, have landed us in the ballpark of about $7,000 so far in cash. All that money, and no baby to show for. It's okay though, because I really believe that through all of this I can see a silver lining. It was almost like God was telling me, "Ashlie, you will be pregnant again, the IUI works....just not this time." Sigh....

I am really excited about this upcoming weekend in Gatlinburg. It's gonna be four days with some of our closest couple friends. I anticipate a lot of fun and good memories! Last year, two of the couples wound up pregnant after the trip, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!! :)

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