Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What a Christmas!

Christmas is so much fun with a little one. Especially my gorgeous little one! Our weekend was filled with cuddles, cookies, movies (yes, we saw Rapunzel AGAIN), gifts, and giggles.
Go ahead, I dare you to find a more precious little girl....see...it's impossible! She is "preciousness" personified...well, at least she is when she's in a good mood :) She was so excited on Christmas Eve, that she couldn't fall asleep. She woke up Christmas morning and was bombarded with Princess papered gifts from Santa, Nana Clause, Mommy Clause, Mamie Clause, and Mur Clause. Half of her gifts were princesses and the other half were Toy Story. It was so excited to see her little face light up with each new gift. I know she received far too many gifts, but it's so hard not to indulge her at this point. Especially since she is the only one! Perhaps next year we will have at least another one to keep her company! After the gifts were unwrapped and we ate a very large Christmas brunch, she put on her Rapunzel gown and we took her to see "Tangled" again...this time she brought her new Rapunzel doll with her.

I know, she's gorgeous, right? I'm one proud mama.

She must have enjoyed our weekend together, because this morning she begged me to stay home with her. She didn't want to go to school, she wanted me to stay home her "lovey". It broke my heart to bring her to school. Only three work days this week, and I hope they fly by!

Speaking of adding to the family. It would appear that today marks the first day of the new "year" so to speak. It's been long overdue, so I am almost happy to see it return. However, the next two months are going to be pretty busy for the Pullen's, so I think we are going to put our "treatments" on hold until March. January is the weekend trip for me and Brad, and then we are taking Libby to Disneyworld in February. Unfortunately, that doesn't leave me much extra money for expensive injections and IUI cycles. So, it appears that we are on "hold" until our winter vacations are over. I'm disappointed, but at least I have some exciting plans to distract me for now.

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