Monday, December 6, 2010

Yes, Libby, like a Goat...

So, over the weekend, we had the opportunity to spend some time with Suzanne and Brandon. Suzanne has the cutest little newborn, Baby Evan. At first, Libby was not very interested in Baby Evan. In fact, she seemed a bit jealous. However, as the evening continued, she began to show a little interest in the gurgling, cooing, little Evan. Eventually, she decided that she actually liked the baby. She followed Suzanne into the bathroom to observe Evan's bath and even began asking Suzanne questions. Eventually it was time for Baby Evan to nurse, so of course Libby was enthralled. Suzanne said it would be okay for Libby to stay in the playroom while she nursed. That was probably our first mistake!

Libby was very interested in watching how Suzanne "fed" Baby Evan. This was how the conversation progressed...

Libby: Whatcha feeding Baby Evan?
Suzanne: Milk
Libby: What kind of milk?
Suzanne: Um, white milk?
Libby: How ya feeding him the milk?
Suzanne: Well, some mommies feed their babies with a bottle, and some mommies get to feed their babies very special like I am.
Libby: (pondering thoughtfully), a cow??
Suzanne:(after stifling laughter and maintaining a straight face) Well, yes, I guess like a cow.
Libby: (obviously impressed with herself) Oh, and like a goat and a...
Mommy: (Interrupting before Libby could continue) Yes, Lib, that's how a lot of animals feed their babies.

Yes, I will admit, she is pretty darn cute. That's why I desperately want another one just like her!

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