Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Exorcism of Elizabeth Reece

    Ladies and Gentleman, we may actually being turning the corner in this epic battle of wills that is called, "The TERRIBLE TWOS". I am beginning to see my beautiful, sweet, compliant, princess emerge from the shell of this screaming, stubborn toddler that has possessed my baby for several months now. I will have you all know, Libby went to school today in an outfit that I PICKED OUT FOR HER! Now, of course there was the obligatory request for her "Jessie t-shirt" (Toy Story Jessie), which I handled by telling her that we would pack it to bring as a change of clothes for later in the day if she messed up her shirt.  It worked!! She obliged and put on her black tutu leggins and sweet little bow t-shirt that I bought for her over Black Friday. I could NOT believe it. So, either she is giving up, or I have simply become a little bit smarter. Considering how stressed I have been recently, I highly doubt I am the wiser one. Therfore, it gives me a little hope that my child may be returning to the wonderful, precious, pleasant child that I remember. I know this may not seem like a big deal to more seasoned mothers....however, this is a rather significant day for me and Libby. Those of you who have seen Libby or have heard my rantings over her recent behavior understand how rough these several months have been. Libby has been stubborn, strong-willed, and just plain difficult. This is something that Brad and I have been praying about and discussing for hours on end. We have discussed her behavior with friends, family, and anyone who would listen. Let me make myself clear...she IS NOT a bad child. She is simply strong-willed and very intelligent. This combination makes parenting a little challenging. Especially for a first time mom. Especially for a first time mom who is a control-freak! I am thankful for the small things. I am thankful for mornings where we all get out of the house without a tantrum, fit or screaming. I am thankful for mornings that Libby doesn't insist upon wearing her ballerina tutu and cowboy boots. I am thankful for mornings where she loves on me and hugs me before school. I will leave you with this precious image. It's the best way to say good bye in the morning, with a sweet little smile!!

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