Friday, April 22, 2011

Brad's "Christening"

Well, it's been long overdue...I feel like Brad has officially been welcomed into the "Daddy club". I know, after three years, you would think he would be a professional by now. However, there has been one last event that has failed to occur in our little home...until last night.

We knew Libby wasn't feeling well last night, she went to bed grouchy and cranky, and woke up at midnight in tears. She never wets the bed, but she had wet the bed and was screaming for "Daddy!!!" So, my sweet little husband got up and dutifully attended to her, changing her clothes and cuddling her back to sleep. She woke up again some time after 4 am screaming for Brad again. Once again, he rolled out of bed and groggily raced to her room. Why is it she screams for him at night??? I am not really sure, although, I distinctly remember yelling for my daddy at nighttime when I was scared or sick. This time, she was very feverish, so he sat on the couch with her and cuddled and watched cartoons. He wanted me to be able to sleep...yes, he is pretty great. A few moments later, I heard her screaming for me, so Brad grabbed her and began walking to our bedroom, when it happened....poor Brad was finally "christened" poor baby (well both of them!) had gotten sick all over Brad's bare back and the floor. He stood, frozen, not knowing what to do. Normally, Brad is a "chain puker", in fact, when I was pregnant with morning sickness, it made him sick to hear me getting sick. But, my little trooper stood there patiently, while I grabbed towels and the baby and cleaner her up.

I had to leave for work this morning, but both of my poor babies were on the couch, cuddled under blankets, exhausted. I am so thankful for my husband. He truly is amazing, and I don't know what Libby or I would do without him.

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  1. What a sweet story! Your husband and daughter sound like the best! Here from the round up and kept on reading:)