Tuesday, April 5, 2011


So today was THE DAY! IUI #3. On Saturday, we went to the clinic bright and early for our scan, had at least four good follicles that were developing nicely, but the RE wanted to "coast me" for one more night to increase the size and chance of maturity of each follicle. So, Sunday night was the trigger injection at 10:30pm. Yesterday, the girls at work scanned my little follies, and there were two over 20mm and at least two more that were larger than 16. So, that combined with my estradiol level suggests that I will ovulate 4 good follicles this cycle. :) That's the most my clinic will allow for an IUI cycle to diminish chances of high order multiples. Isn't it ironic that every cycle they warn me about "multiples" but I have yet to get one baby out of it?

So, I was a nervous wreck last night and unable to sleep. There was a horrible storm that kept me up and my nerves were shot. We arrived at the clinic at 9 am so that Brad could have "his appointment" and then we headed to Waffle House for a nice breakfast. I was so glad that he was able to be with me this time and literally hold my hand through the procedure. After breakfast we headed back to the clinic.

They called me back and led me to my room. Our counts were great, 20 million, 100% motility and grade 4 after the spinning. (Sorry, if this is tmi, but I would like to remember for my records.) The RE came in and said he was pleased with our sample and also my follicular response. I asked him about the risks of another ectopic, and unfortunately, it's a risk. So, they are going to monitor me very closely. For some reason, if this cycle is a bust, he wants to discuss another laparoscopy to evaluate any damage from the first ectopic. Since we know I have at least one tube still open, he wanted to try a cycle before the surgery. Before he left, he shook my hand and said, "Good luck, our fingers are crossed for you. Call me when you miss your period." I think he's optimistic. So am I. So, now we begin the next phase of the waiting game...

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