Thursday, April 7, 2011

2 DPIUI...

So, here we are in the wait. I wish I had a vacation or something planned during this time to keep me occupied! Last night I was having some pretty intense cramping, and then again this morning... I am trying to be faithful and optimistic. It's hard not to be discouraged and feel defeated month after month. On my online support group, many of the girls have received positive pregnancy tests this week...I am hoping that I am one of the next ones. It doesn't seem to make any sense why it wouldn't work. It just proves that God's hand is involved in the very delicate process of becoming pregnant. I had four great sized, very controlled follicles ovulate, and all of the "pieces" were in place during the right time. It's just a matter of timing and patience. There really is no scientific explanation why super ovulation and timed IUI doesn't work. Sometimes, it just doesn't. So, for the remainder of the upcoming two weeks, I will be on pins and needles, anxiously analyzing every twinge and feeling, desperately grabbing at any potential pregnancy symptoms. I will spend countless hours scouring the Internet for other IUI success stories and early pregnancy symptoms. It's not my first time, so, I know exactly what to expect...the unexpected. My prayer is that this is successful and I am able to have a healthy, happy pregnancy. In the words of Libby, "Please God-send me a baby for Christmas."

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