Monday, April 11, 2011

6 dpiui...

Well this weekend was pretty rough. I knew by the end of last week that I was fairly sure that I had a couple of ovarian cysts. Well, by Friday night, I was in so much pain and had gained about 5 pounds in fluid. I couldn't button any of my pants and I couldn't eat. I am pretty sure that I have developed a mild case of OHSS. Since Libby was with her aunt this weekend, I loaded up with gatorade and rested on the couch all weekend. Brad was a pretty good support partner, he took care of the household chores and allowed me to rest and recover. This morning, I am feeling a bit better, but still bloated and uncomfortable. I told him on Friday night, " I can handle this if it means I am pregnant. However, if I have to go through this and still not have a baby, I am gonna be seriously upset."

I am trying hard to remain optimistic. Here we are, half way through our two week wait. Yesterday, I felt an overwhelming sense of defeat and depression. The thought of going through this whole process and not getting pregnant is a tough pill to swallow. It's like this big empty pit in my stomach that keeps gnawing away at me.

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