Tuesday, April 12, 2011

April is Infertility Awareness Month

In support of Infertility Awareness month, I am participating in a contest to "Bust the Common Infertility Myths". There is a list of common "myths" regarding infertility, and we are supposed to pick one myth to "bust" in a blog post. After reading through the list and contemplating for a couple of days, I have decided on my "myth to bust"....

Myth: "If God wanted you to have children, he would have given them to you?"

As a Christian, I find this statement so incredibly flawed. There are so many different angles that I could attempt to blog about and still not successfully bust this myth. In my profession, I see pregnant women daily who very clearly do not "deserve" children by the world's standards, yet, they are pregnant for the third, fourth or even fifth consecutive times. Unfortunately, I do have to research the other side of the myth.

Just this week in my practice, there was a patient who came in for a follow up after her Essure procedure. The Essure procedure is an in office tubal ligation procedure, and the patient is required to have an HSG 3 months after the procedure to confirm that there is no tubal spillage. This particular patient had a very concrete HSG...however, here she was for her "follow up" and 15 weeks pregnant. Her first words were, "Well, I guess God wanted me to have another baby." This was very hard for me to hear as a woman suffereing from IF.  This is definetly an avenue I need to ponder and research.

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