Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Pride and Prejudice

     I have been reading a great deal lately. The series that I am must enamored with has been "The Darcy Saga series" by Sharon Lathan. This series depicts the story of Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy following their whirlwind romance in "Pride and Prejudice". What the series lacks in complete substance, it more than makes up for in flowery verbage and lovely scenes of 19th century English countryside society. It is essentially a beautiful portrait of an English Manor and the amorous relationship of the Master and his wife. I have quickly devoured the first book and am hungrily thumbing through the next one. I would be willing to bet that everyone who has read this series swooned at the affection shown from Mr. Darcy to his new bride. In the series, the couple is ridiculously wealthy and this affords them a great deal of time to devote to leisurely pleasures such as planning romantic scavenger hunts, seaside getaways, and hours of walking and sitting about.

 Now, I have to wonder to myself, "If I had loads of money and spare time and servants to handle all of my tasks, what would I do to pass the time. More importantly, what would I do during that spare time if I had my husband and someone to properly care for my child and household chores. "

I would like to think that during those hours, I could devote myself to Brad. I would love to be free of the stress of finances, laundry, taxes, work, tantrums, and chores, and be able to concentrate on my marriage. Imagine being able to wake up late, have breakfast served to me, and the rest of the day at my disposal to enjoy all the pleasures life has to offer. When all the "stuff of life" is stripped away, and it's just you and your significant other, is that enough? I don't know, but I would definitely like to have the opportunity to experiment!

Perhaps that is why I am a bit envious of mothers and wives who are able to stay at home. I would very much like the time to accomplish my home tasks during the day, and be able to enjoy my weekends and holidays without the fear of deadlines, job stress, etc. Now, I am well aware that mothers who stay home are very busy! Don't get me wrong....they have very stressful jobs!!! I am simply envious of the opportunity to devote your entire "self" to your husband and children. My weeknights, weekends and holidays are busy trying to accomplish all of the work that has been sitting and waiting on me all week long! I have to accomplish all of my "chores" in a very small amount of time. This leaves me very little "free time" to devote to my husband, Libby and even myself.

Enough rambling, suffice to say, read the books! I highly reccommend them!!

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