Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I am so excited that I am about to burst!!! Over the past several weeks, Brad and I have been trying to save and cut corners in order to proceed with the next step in our fertility journey. We know that after my laparoscopy, our next few months are the absolute best chance we have at getting pregnant. So, we want to make the most of our time! We are seeking a second opinion regarding where we go from this point on. I am not sure how much I am gonna be telling people about where we go from here.


Last night, Brad and I recieved the "Fleece" we have been praying for! Our current mortgage is a huge burden on us. Our house payment is astronomical!! It's very taxing and it's a burden we should not have taken on four years ago. We should have planned and purchased a smaller home with a smaller mortgage... So,for the past year and a half we have been trying to remodify our mortgage, lower our interest rate, whatever we can do to lower our payment. It's been a huge hassle! Yesterday, Brad received the news that our interest rate has been dropped to 2.5%. This saves us over $500 a month!! $500!! I am so incredibly excited, I am about to burst with joy at this point. I know that this is the sign we have been praying for. The money we have been waiting for to put towards our dream baby! Thank you GOD!!

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  1. That is awesome news!!! That extra cash will come in very handy and at just the perfect time.